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Quonochontaug, RI is a beautiful area. The images I made for the guest rooms at the Weekapaug Inn  show the natural beauty of the Inn’s location. My landscapes are about connecting with an internal place.  Viewers are invited to step into a world that is both familiar and new; treating each image as a point of meditation.  Light, water, and land are constantly changing which requires attention to the rhythm of nature. The great image you saw an hour ago has already changed. Such is life as well.

This body of work reflects an invitation I accepted to  become an active observer in the natural world around me. I interpreted the images to reflect the sense of energetic peace I felt during the long walks through the tidal grass, sand, and soil.

I have always been attracted to the ocean. Watching water form into unique, elegant waves from invisible forces is the simplest way to identify the divine at play. This project allowed me to observe and celebrate where I live. Each successful image can be credited to the willingness to step out of a daily clock routine and return to the simple beat of water against the land. These images are a reflection of the connection we all have with the primal forces around us.

I am moved by the elegance of nature and the restless, creative spirit of the land I call home. I’m grateful to Lang Wheeler of the Weekapaug Inn and Nancy Taylor of Taylor Design for commissioning this portfolio.