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  1. Those who grieve and mourn and not asking for your solutions.
  2. God is not a babysitter. Thank God.
  3. Horrible actions make no distinctions between race, creed, sex or God.
  4. Praying for perpetrators of violence and their victims is tough but necessary.
  5. No one said everything was going to make perfect sense all the time.
  6. Love survives all things.
  7. Right now, wonderful things are happening in the world in spite of us.
  8. God’s grace happens exactly when it is needed and in the perfect measure.
  9. You only cast out the demons you can name.
  10. I’m most dangerous when I am both angry and right.
  11. Get involved in the solution
  12. This season is about having hope.
  13. No one has cornered the market on kindness and love.
  14. Every bad day has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
  15. Everyone wants to be happy but some don’t know what happy looks like.
  16. God doesn’t make very hard terms for having a relationship.
  17. I’m usually my biggest roadblock to peace and joy.
  18. All prayers are answered without exception.
  19. Prayers for other people’s happiness and serenity are answered first.
  20. The only thing I know for sure about God is I’m not him.
  21. No religion worth anything provides easy answers.
  22. We all do something right every day.
  23. You’ll never know the lives you wind up saving
  24. No one gets what they deserve. Thank God.
  25. I am more concerned about losing things that aren’t mine to own.
  26. Trusting that things I can’t see bring order to my life began with accepting the law of gravity.
  27. We all get to heaven.
  28. “Each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings.” — Maya Angelou