Families are still relevant.

A Working Artist

I was commissioned to make a portrait by a new family on their favorite beach near Dartmouth, Massachusetts. This is the “behind the scenes” of this image.

First the technical stuff:

I used a Elincrom Octabank with a Profoto 2400 acute power pack attached to a Honda 2000 watt generator. My camera has a Hasselblad 501. Film was Fuji 400.

Setting up a portable studio on the beach is no small feat, but the results are worth it. My assistant and I had to haul the equipment down the beach and set up before the light went away. The Octabank is my favorite softbox because it is so big and compassionate. The problem with using such a large light shaping tool on the beach is its size  makes a perfect wind collection tool. So, we had to use sandbags and rope to tie down the light. While cumbersome, the generator…

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