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From the Weekapaug Inn Collection

From the Weekapaug Inn Collection

My photography is about the image and about how it is made. Platinum printing requires a level of connection to my material different than traditional silver or inkjet printing. My portrait and landscape photographs are about connecting the viewer with nature – human or otherwise. In spite of all the complications and attention to detail it requires, the ends justify the means. If no one can see it, none of that matters.

No one buys a pizza because it was hard to make, they buy it because it tastes good. The same can be said about art. Complicated crap is still crap.

I sell platinum prints through my website, Photoeye, and a growing collection of businesses. Partnering with creative people who value my process and photographs is vital as an artist. Here are two local businesses that do just that.

Sarah Park Fine Art Conservation Framing in Stonington CT. Sarah owns and operates a frame shop and gallery specializing in archival framing and restoration. The gallery represents local artists working in a variety of mediums. Sarah and her husband, Gray, both are graduates of the Maryland Institute College of Art and accomplished artists in their own right. This is important for me because they understand the creative process and fine art presentation.  It’s not just about making a buck.  I also like supporting businesses that are work in traditional fields with a fresh angle. There is a motto on her desk “Do it different, do it better.”

Huxter Goods is a small boutique located in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Huxter Goods, started by Read McKendree. Huxter carries handcrafted shirts, ties, sunglasses and art. Read appreciates the unique and handmade items for a home by the sea. I like and admire his instinct and am honored to be a part of the space.

Read is a commercial photographer with a terrific sense for the ocean and the lifestyle surrounding it. He has had extensive gallery experience and worked with some of the best in the creative industry. It makes sense for him to strike out on his own and create a space where his varied passions can converge.

Making art is a solitary task but requires collaboration to find an audience. The connection between maker and market goes both ways. Most successful relationships support each other in ways that they could not do on their own. Technology gives the illusion of independence, but the only business that lasts is the one that maximizes their relationships for all parties involved. I’m honored to be able to be a part of that process. It’s a lot of fun too.