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Handmade baseball

Vintage Glove, Handmade Baseball, and Vintage hat

Vintage Glove, Handmade Baseball, and Vintage hat

Handmade Baseball on Vintage catcher's mitt

Handmade Baseball on Vintage catcher’s mitt

HuntingtonBBC002Tintypes of baseball bats made to 1890-1910 specs


Handmade baseball in a handmade baseball glove. 1890 specs

William Pebbles, founder of The Huntington Baseball Company came down to the studio  where we photographed some of his handmade baseballs made to historically accurate specifications. He stitches each baseball by hand and the bats are made to order. Attention to every detail to insure historic accuracy and the highest quality is maintained.

We decided to make these images using large my large format 8×10 camera and wet plate collodion tintypes. One of the things William learned very fast was these processes take time but the results are more than worth it. I can say the same thing about his baseballs, bats and gloves. He is a true craftsman and brings the history of baseball alive with his work.

I’m honored for the chance to collaborate with him. I just think it’s cool.