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DrewWheelan 1

Working on a late 19th to early 20th century rocking chair.

Today I had the chance to photograph Drew Wheelan for the December Style Tastemaker section for SORI. He upholsters vintage furniture to make it look brand new. It is labor intensive process that is totally hands on, so I connected with him on the spot. Drew is passionate about his work and just a friendly guy to boot.

The great thing about editorial photography jobs is getting to meet people whose services I might need in the future.

If you need something upholstered, look no further than Drew.

The Seating Arrangement
1181 Kingstown Rd. Peace Dale
Owner, Drew Wheelan
business phone: 401- 789-4455

I’ll bring my  furniture to him for restoration. It is a worthwhile investment and a great way to maintain a creative connection. Supporting small businesses so they can support me starts by making great pictures for them.

Equipment used:

Canon 5d Mark III, Profoto Acute 2400 strobe unit, Medium softbox