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Frozen Pond

Frozen Pond unframed

Jefferson Hayman and I were introduced at AIPAD by Isa Leshko, a mutual friend and colleague. I was already a fan of his work and enjoyed the sense of light and air he brought to his subjects so it was fun to finally meet the person behind the work.

Frozen Pond comes from his New York City series. Here is an excerpt from his website: “Hayman captures a New York that is deeply personal. Indeed, at times it appears that he is the only man on the streets. However, in his dreamy city, the street is not the focus. Instead we are directed to the ideas of what New York City was, what it is today and what it will continue to be.”

His prints have smooth tonal transitions and muted hues, which makes the platinum/palladium process is an ideal pairing. Nodding to pictorialism with a modern twist, the Jefferson’s subjects are rooted in history but completely of our times. He creates an intimate world of “meanwhile” for the engaged viewer.

His work has been collected and seen all over the world. He continues to grow a very devoted audience. His work can be found in many private and public collections, most notably The Museum of Modern Art , The New York Public Library, President Bill Clinton , Robert DeNiro, The Boston Athenaeum and Ralph Lauren.

On a personal note, working with artists like Jefferson is a real pleasure. I get to experience images like “Frozen Pond”  as they’re being made. It’s always is an enchanting intimate experience.