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All the manners my parents taught me apply to social media as well. These three they passed on with regards to attending a party. So, online etiquette is nothing new but bears repeating.

1) Don’t be an Jerk.

This would appear self-evident, but being an jerk is not confined to getting drunk and throwing things. We’ve all been to enough parties to have a pretty apt image of the many faces of “Jerky” So, lets focus on how not to be one instead.

  • A little selfie goes a long way.
  • Long proclamations about anything do not get read by anyone.
  • Let other people have the last word.
  • Have fun introducing people to one another.
  • Don’t be mean. Yes, sarcastic comments or posts are mean.

2) Dress appropriately 

Ron, wear a blazer.”– Bob Cowie (my father)

If my job was to find sub-par content on business Facebook pages, I’d be busy all the time. While social media platforms are free but you should invest in how yours looks. Mediocrity will only get you so far.

When making photos for your social media channels keep the following in mind.

  • Simple composition. Don’t get too busy trying to say everything with one photo.
  • Be in focus.
  • Good lighting. Window light with clear open shadows is best.

If all else fails, call me. Yes, that was a shameless plug.

3) Be A Good Conversationalist

Have you ever been held hostage by someone at a party who tells you their whole life story in one sitting? Aren’t they are boring? Don’t be that person online.

Here’s how you avoid that with your social media:

  • Get on a regular posting schedule. Whatever is sustainable for you and your business is the right fit. Once a week at least.
  • Respond to your customers when they comment. A simple “Thank you.” goes a long way.
  • Educate your customers. If you own the business, chances are you’re an expert about something related to it. Share that.
  • Introduce people to each other. There’s enough attention to go around for everyone.
  • When all else fails, be a good listener!

While this list is not comprehensive, it should get the ball rolling and your social media channels moving in the right direction.