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The installation ceremony of Father Sunil Chandy was a great celebration but it  also posed some serious creative issues. First, the sound in a church is very much like being in the bottom of a well. Unless everyone is wearing a microphone, you really can’t hear anyone well enough to record. The music “Open Thou Mine Eyes” by John Rutter was sung by the choir and I managed to get a good recording of it to lay over the video tracks.

The opening prayer by Father Jack Barrett established that this was a sacred ceremony and focused the mind on that aspect. His voice is so distinctive and clear, it really set the tone better than anything else.

When I’m making a video of an important ceremony, it isn’t about me and finding the best angles at the expense of the collective experience. In short, they aren’t there for me to capture on video, I’m there to record what happens. While the distinction might be purely semantic, it is an important one to make. I treat weddings the same way.

In any case, Christ Church Commissioned the video and I was happy to make it. I’m always interested in the rituals that occur around us. I believe they have great importance in what keeps our society together. I always learn something from them.