Commercial Platinum Printing 2014 Information.

If you are considering having me print your images in platinum/palladium, here is some information you will find useful.

All prints are made using COT 320, a 100% Cotton paper made by the French company Bergger.

Prices include the creation of a digital negative.

Custom sizes are priced at or around $2.25 per square inch. Because of the individual nature platinum printing, I’m not able to offer quantity discounts.

Each print is just as labor intensive as the next. In fact, making two or more consistent prints presents its own challenges which I can’t get into without weeping.  My prices are fair and within reach of the emerging artist, curious amateur, collector, and professional photographer. If you disagree, let me know why.

Print sizes and prices

5×7 or smaller$80

8×10—- $180

11×14  $350

The largest prints I make are a little bigger than 11×14. This is printed on a 16×20 sheet of paper and shipped flat between two sheets of masonite. While the technology exists for really big platinum prints, I find the larger size actually undermines the intimacy of the process. Call me sentimental.

I ship using FedEx without exception. Prints are packed to insure safe, trackable and timely delivery. Shipping and handling is based on actual cost of materials. Any print that is damaged as a result of shipping will be replaced at no cost to you.

File preparation guidelines.

I will print the file you send without further interpretation. The process of editing someone else’s images is an art unto itself and separate from the printing process. If you want to collaborate with me on the interpretation of your images, I’m happy to do so, but charge separately for that. Having said all of this, I’m not going to print and ship an improperly processed image. That’s just a little too passive aggressive for my taste.

File Prep before uploading:

  • It is assumed you have the copyright to the images in question.
  • Size your image to at least 300dpi in 16 bit RGB while before working on it.
  • Use the Black and White Adjustment setting in photoshop to convert your file to grey values. If you use another program to remove all color from your image, that’s fine. The point being you want to work with an image in shades of grey. From personal experience, adding color to create a sepia, split or selenium tone can adjust the final image and throw your contrast values off considerably.
  • Make all adjustments for tone and contrast. In analog (traditional darkroom) terms, do your dodging and burning.
  • Save your file often during this process.
  •  Resize your image to the length and width desired for your platinum print.
  • You are ready to upload. I use dropbox.

Payment is expected before I ship the finished work. That seems reasonable.

My iron clad guarantee is this: if you are not completely satisfied with the finished work, let me know and I’ll fix it. My reputation is built on your total satisfaction. If this cannot be achieved, I’ll refund your money and hope you keep your mouth shut.






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