Flowers Printed In Platinum

Ron Cowie Photography

“Beach Roses” Copyright Ron Cowie Photography 2013


I’m making platinum prints of flowers is how I relax. I’m a sucker for beauty. Now, I’m offering these images as platinum prints at my online store Right now, as a introduction to collecting photos, all flower photographs are made at a special size and available to collect for $50. I call it the “fun price”.  Some of the images are made by my great grandfather Cranson Weber Shelley. With those, I’ve taken the original glass plate negative and made a high resolution scan from it. From there, I edited it and created a new negative specifically calibrated for the platinum printing process.

The great thing  platinum prints is knowing they will last for a very long time. I also believe in making art without cutting corners. Platinum prints are very labor intensive but worth the effort. Actually, the process of “slowing down” is one of the many rewards I get from the process. I hope you visit my online gallery and see something you want to have in your home. Thanks.


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